IGDA Student Chapter Annual Renewal Survey

Thank you for being a part of the IGDA! Please fill out this survey so that we can have the most up-to-date contact info for your chapter. We also want your feedback so that we can improve the IGDA Student Chapters program.

1. Chapter Info

School Name *

Chapter Name *

Location *

City, State/Province, Country

Chapter Leaders *

These are students who run the chapter. At least 3 chapter leaders must have IGDA Memberships. If someone is an IGDA member, please include their official IGDA membership ID number, which they can find by signing into their IGDA account on this page.


Faculty Advisor *

This person is employed by your school. Please include their official school email address.

Chapter Email Address

If you have an official email address for your chapter, please include it below.

Links and URLs

Please include any websites, discord servers, facebook groups, twitter accounts, itch.io pages, and any other URLs that represent your chapter.

2. Chapter Health

Overall, how successful do you feel your chapter has been so far?

Not successful

Very successful

Does your school offer at least one course about game development?

Does your school offer degrees specifically for game development?

Are graduates from your school often hired by game companies?

Does your school help fund clubs and student organizations?

About how many members does your community have?

About how many people attend a typical chapter meeting?

How does your chapter's gender diversity compare with other local groups?

Not diverse

Very diverse

How does your chapter's racial or ethnic diversity compare with other local groups?

Not diverse

Very diverse

About how often does your community meet or host an event?

Within the last year, what kind of events has your chapter hosted or participated in?

How confident do you feel that your community will become more successful within the next year?

Little to no confidence

Very confident

What are some of the most urgent challenges that your chapter currently faces?

What are some of the best traits about your chapter that you are most proud of?

3. Feedback about IGDA

How valuable is your chapter's affiliation with the IGDA?

Not valuable

Very valuable

How much do you feel like your chapter is part of the larger IGDA community?

Not at all

Very strongly

How often has the IGDA communicated with or interacted with your chapter?

Almost never

Very frequently

What kind of support would you like to ask from the IGDA to help your chapter be more successful?

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the IGDA Academic Chapters program?

4. Other Comments

Any other comments that you would like to share with us?